The following guidelines will make things smoother and less expensive for you

  1. We mix using either Logic Pro X, Cakewalk or Reaper  Any tape based format must be converted to raw wave files.  If your sessions are from any other DAW you'll need to export or bounce to raw wave files.  Please be sure all files have the same starting point.  Don't copy the recorded wave files from the project directory, you must bounce or export them.  Be sure to check all edits and cross fades before exporting / bouncing your session files.  Also, make certain to by-pass or exclude any processing like eq, reverb, etc. prior to bouncing.  We will add the necessary track fx to get the best sound.

  2. Be sure to include a text file with information such as tempo, time signature, any tempo or time signature changes and at what bars and any other relevant information that will help with the mixing process.

  3. Include references to songs of the same genre or sound you're looking for, or you can provide an mp3 of any reference tracks.

  4. If you have a rough mix of your song you should include that as well.

  5. Provide your files from a secure file sharing service such as Dropbox, OneDrive Google Drive, etc.  Once we make contact we can share the necessary information to access them.

  6. If you are sending a project file from one of the DAWs listed in guideline #1, ensure all referenced audio files are included.  Use a file archiving format such as ZIP to package the project or session directly structure.